Task School for Frontier Missions is a 10-month, residential training program based in Atlanta, GA with the goal of producing effective, pioneer missionaries who will serve among unreached people groups. The curriculum incorporates classroom training covering theology, methodology of missions, organization­ specific values, and leadership development. Along with the classroom instruction all students will participate in a minimum of twenty ­four hours of weekly prayer and worship in the International House of Prayer Atlanta prayer room.

There are 3 phases to TASK School: PHASE 1: Understanding the Prayer Movement. PHASE 2: Understanding the Missions Movement. PHASE 3: International Outreach


Understanding the Prayer Movement

Phase 1 is the first 3 months of the Task School. It works in conjunction with the IHOP Atlanta’s Internship Program designed for people who are desiring to spend a focused season of their life going deeper in their relationship with Jesus, living a life of prayer, and doing the works of the Kingdom. Set in the context of a live 24/7 prayer room, phase 1 students will be trained in intercession, prophecy, evangelism, theology, and how to cultivate intimacy with Jesus. Ultimately the goal is to train our students for effective international ministry by cultivating a vibrant relationship with Jesus first.

Students will also take a 10 week course during this time that will equip them to raise a support team to fund their Phase 3 Outreach cost (Estimate $6,000). Students who finish the Task School, and decide they’d like to join our international staff long-term will also raise a support team for their income.

The student’s experience during Phase 1 will look like: growing in worship, 24 hours a week in the prayer room, personal and corporate intercession, opportunities to play and/or sing on worship teams, growing in evangelism, bible classes, learning to hear God’s voice and cultivating spiritual gifts, and times of connection with our vibrant church community.

There is one month period of time for support raising in between Phase 1 and Phase 2.


Understanding the Missions Movement

Phase 2 is months 5-7 of the Task School. These 3 months works to prepare young leaders with knowledge and skill to be effective working amongst unreached people groups. Students will receive training on Islam, evangelism, leadership, poverty, and culture. They will have opportunities to delve deeper into personal inner healing, and learn how to cultivate healthy team dynamics.

Single students during phase 2 are required to live together in IHOP Atlanta housing. Married students are not required to stay in IHOP Atlanta housing.

The student’s experience during Phase 2 will look like: growing in learning healthy team dynamics, knowledge of the missions movement and our role to play. They will continue to do 24 hours a week in the prayer room, personal and corporate intercession, and serving on worship teams.

There is another one month period of time for support raising between Phase 2 and 3.


International Outreach

Phase 3 is month 9 & 10 of the Task School. Students finish their Task School experience by going on a 2 month mission trip with their team internationally. The trip location is usually not told to the students until a few months before they leave. We focus on sending teams unreached areas in the 10/40 window. If you are interested to hear where teams have gone in the past please feel free to contact us!

After the Task School is complete students are invited to apply to become a part of our long-term international staff.

Course Instructors

Billy Humphrey

President, Finish the Task

Chandler Pridgen

Executive Director, Finish the Task

Theresa Pridgen

Director of Pastoral Care, Finish the Task

Gabe Palmer

Community Life Pastor, IHOP Atlanta

Hazen Stephens

Outreach & Evangelism, IHOP Atlanta

Jamie Pridgen

Forerunner Church Pastor

Steven Ugan

Associate Director, IHOP Atlanta

Jamie Burns-Pridgen

Director of Ministries, IHOP Atlanta